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Vertical Membrane Diffuser Vertical Membrane Diffuser 2

General Specification

Type :
Fine bubble tbe diffuser-vertcal mounting design
Size :
90mm dia X 250mm length.
Construction :
Robust support made of fiber glass reinforced polypropylene
With 3/4" inner thread coupling
Diffusing tube with special perforation
Fixing element
Low buoyancy construction
Bubble size :
1,0 - 4.0mm
Tube material :
Tube Description :
Tube Ø90 mm with staggered horizontal special perforation,
Aeration zone approx. 550 cm2/per piece
Unperforated zone with valve effect allows intermittent operation
Tube endurance :
Constant quality for many years
Operation times of 7 - 10 years are usual, up to 12 years of operation have been reached, good resistance against ozone, weather influence, aging various acids and lye
Oxygen transfer
effciency :
OTE valve up to 24g O2 / Nm3 X m have beer measured by an independent institute for the VMD diffusers OTE values depend on diffuser density, depth of air introduction and the air flow rate
Air-flow range
per diffuser :
0 - 10 m3 / h X m (excellent air controllability)
Suitable for intermittent operation
Optimal fumigation range 2 - 6 m3 / hr. per diffuser
Head loss :
45 - 92 mbar +/- 10 mbar
Connection :
Nipple 3/4" thread
Application :
Ideal for SAFF System, for high TDS, SS contained effluent