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Poly Propylene Pump

The Range of Molded Polypropylene Pumps for Handling Corrosive and Aggressive.

"ECHO" Series pumps designed philosophy is to design pumps that are simple, rugged and reliable, using most appropriate material with economical molding technique with all aspects of quality performance.

High degree of manual interchangeability of components within all models


PROCESS PUMPS Models : ECHO-100, ECHO-130, ECHO-140, ECHO-160, ECHO-170

Used in continuous processing acid pickling line in steel industries. For Filtration and pressurize feeding in dyes and intermediate industries. Excellent for vacuum ejectors. Scrubbing of corrosive gases like CL2, Br, I, So2 For de-scaling of tubes.

These pumps are high head (up to 35 mtrs.) with different capacity coupled to 2900 rpm motors.



Application :

These pumps are normally used for transferring acids, alkalis and also for loading - unloading of acid - alkalis road tankers. Used for effluent treatment plants for maximum 3 mtrs. Negative suction with foot valve. Used for recirculation of chemicals in electro plating plants. Transferring for HCL, H2SO4 (DIL) HNo3, NaOH,

LOW Head (up to 15 mtrs.) medium capacity pumps coupled to 1440 rpm motor.