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Self Priming Non Clogg Pump

Self Priming Non Clogg Pump (Mech. Seal type) (“SM”)

Application :

Dewatering Swamp, Trenches & Basements, Effluent Treatment Plants, Swimming Pools Marine Application, transfer for Petrol, Diesel, Kerosene, Sprits, Gas oils etc.

Features :

Perfect Sealing Assured by High Efficiency and Quality.Mechanical Sealing that Means Zero Leakage and 100% Vacuum Creation Back Pull Out Design Drive Option of Electric motor, Coupled or belt drive versions, Bearing greased for life, Save external lubrication

Range :

Capacity :
75 m³ / hr.
Head :
up to 35 mtrs
Suction Head :
up to 7.5 mtr
Material :
CI, Bronze, Gun Metal, Stainless Steel and Other Alloys.
Max. Solid Hand Size :
up to 25 mm
Viscosity :
up to 100 mm² / sec

Mechanical Seal Option :

  • STD (Carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with NBR elastomer)
  • CCV (Carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with Viton elastomer)
  • CCT (Carbon Vs Ceramic / Tc with PTFE elastomer)