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Chemical Process Pump

Application :

The chemical process Pump "CPC" is widely used for chemical, petrochemical industries. Media which can be easily pumped are acids, caustic, ammonia, phosphate, dyes, oils, solvents, alcohol, aromatics etc. Also suitable for textile, Food, paper & pulp, Pharmaceuticals etc.

Design :

The Chemical Process Pump Type " CPC " "CPC-A“ is an end Suction, Horizontalback pull out Designed Pump with Accordance to DIN-24256 / ISO-2858

Seal Arrangement :

Soft gland packing arrangement with provision for flushing and sealing liquid connection. Also available with jacketed st. box for high temp. Mechanical seal - Internal / external arrangement with provision for API sealing plans.

Range :

Max. Capacity :
400 m³ / hr.
Max. Head :
150 mtr
Max. Pressure :
up to 16 bars
Max. Temperature :
Standard Material :
CI, CS, SS-304, SS-316 Other alloys
Impeller Type :
Closed / Semi Open
Flanges :
As per ISO 7005 & ANSI - B-16.5 PN16