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AIRFIN “EPNOL” Standard Low Plasticizer EPDM Membrane

  • Product: “EPNOL” - EPDM is an ethylene propylene dine monomer extruded membrane product and “EPNOL” is proprietary material compounding code.
  • Colour : black
  • Permanent Temperature Resistance : 80 C °


EPDM Membrane Diffuser

EPDM is a synthetic rubber which is custom moulded /specially blended for this application. The compound formulation and moulding/extruding technique are critical to ensure that the membrane maintains its physical properties over a long period of time, resists tearing, retains its shape even after years of continuous or cyclical use, produces fine bubbles, all at a minimal head pressure. Our EPDM membranes are field tested in municipal and industrial applications with excellent results. However standard EPDM is not recommended in cases where solvents, fats oils or greases, or high concentrations of metal salts are present ineffluent.


AIRFIN Tubular “EPNOL” EPDM Membrane Mechanical performance

Parameter Standard Value/unit
Mechanical Parameters
Hardness ASDM D-2240
ASDM D 2240 95
45+/-6  shore "A"
50+/-5  shore "A"
60       shore "A"
Tensile strength at break ASTM D - 412 45kg/cm2
Elongation at break ASTM D - 412 235%
Tear strength "die-T" ASTM D - 624 26 k N/m
Environmental Resistance Test
Ozone resistance,75 hrs,
400 C,50mPa partial Ozone pressure – non-cracking
ASTM  D 1171 - 94 Pass
Low Temp. Property, -400 C, Non-brittle ASTM D 832 - 92 Pass